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TEXTURE generates musical information, by stochastic means, in two differents ways. The first one to be interpreted by a MIDI device and the other to be interpreted by TRender, a sofware synthetizer included with the package.

Several probability control parameters are involved in the musical data generation process. By default events will have the same probability to appear, in other words values follow a uniform probability distribution, but this process could be controlled by user-defined distributions.

Events may be masked by speciying its lower and higher limit, time-variable functions perform this task.

The most interisting thing in TEXTURE 3.0, is the posibility of saving every setting, including functions and distributions drawings, in banks. This bank could also be linked, sequencially or simultaneously by a simle script. Think TEXTURE 3.0 as having one or more musician with a single or more sets of instructions.

TEXTURE has most of all sequencer capabilities: record, play and edit MIDI events.

You may record material from an external MIDI device or you may gather generated musical information as MIDI data by TEXTURE built-in sequencer.

Many edition actions are available:

Luis María Rojas

1960: Born 29th of April, in Bolívar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999: Live and work in Bahía Blanca.


1998: Orquesta "Ad Hoc" (Chamber Orchestra). Bahía Blanca.
1997: Orquesta Municipal de Cámara para el Mercosur (Chamber Orchestra). Bahía Blanca.
1996: Associate Composer-Researcher, Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical (Musical Production and research Laboratory), LIPM. Buenos aires.
1986: Viola Real Part, Orquesta Sinfónica de Bahía Blanca (Synphony Orchestra). Bahía Blanca


1996: Prize category 3, Computer Assisted Work, Institut International de Musique Electroacoustic. Bouges. France
1990: City Bank scholarship, Chamber Music with Camerata Bariloche. Buenos Aires.

Software development:

1999: "Transitions" (SMS based software).
1997: Port of many synthesis and MIDI software to DOS or Windows plataforms.
1996: "Texture", MIDI based composition software.

Performed compositions:

1998: "Dos visiones apresuradas de la misma cosa" - Parte I, electronic music. XIV Electronic Music Week. Buenos Aires. "Inventario" Picture Exhibition (Centro Cultural Recoleta). Buenos Aires.
1998: "Dos visiones apresuradas de la misma cosa" - Parte II, for String Quintet.
1998: "Historias coincidentes de los Obsevados" for Clarinet, Alto Sax, Cello and DoubleBass. Picture Exhibition original Music. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Bahía Blanca.
1997: Untitled, Overture for a Dance Performance: "Omobramu".
1997: "Iluminado por la duda", electronic music. XIII Electronic Music Week. Buenos Aires.
1997: "Antaitl" for String Quintet.
1996: "Juego con Dados" (Dice Game) for Computer and String Trio.
1996: "Mínimas" for Horn, Violin and Cello.
1992: "Reflejos" for Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin, Alto, Cello and DoubleBass.
1991: Quartet for Flute, Violin, Alto and Cello.
1990: Didactic compositions for Wood Quintet, Brass Quartet and String Quartet.


Luis María Rojas
Rodriguez 434
8000 Bahía Blanca
phone: ++54-291-4565462

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Platforms: Windows 95 / 98, Windows NT

File Size: 810 kb

Author: Luis Maria Rojas



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